Open Registry Of Game Information (Oregami)


We will create a new online system for the management and long time storage of data about computer and video games as well as the hardware and software needed to run them. This new system shall avoid the problems of existing projects while being designed for sustainability and maintainability.


  • a logical data model designed to hold all the available data about games, gaming companies, gaming people, gaming hardware, and the gaming press

  • a modern software architecture under the hood for easy expandability and maintainability

  • an open source code for every hacker to easily join the team

  • an open approach to the data gathered, from a technical point of view as well as regarding licensing conditions

  • multilingualism right from the beginning

  • a non-profit organisation (instead of one ore more individuals) as the legal base, to assure long-term stability and availability


The two founders of Oregami are Sebastian Eichholz (gene) and Jens Mildner (MZ per X).
But they’re not alone!

Detailed information about all the collaborators can be retrieved from our respective wiki page current Members.


Please use the public board of our forums for questions and comments regarding our project.

Furthermore, we maintain a Discord channel for direct contact.

If there’s anything that shall not be subject to public consumption, please send it to