For some one and a half years now, we 're tinkering around with some people on our new and ultimate online database for computer and video games named OReGamI (full name is "Open Registry of Game Information"). Within over 800 forum posts we've already created a large amount of the very important data model, built the foundation for the coding with Java and, now, are ready to take the next step: publishing our unfinished work.

Why that, you may ask? Because we want everyone of you to take part in the complete development process of this ambitious project. This can mean reading into our forums as often as you want, or sniffing around in our Java code base.

And when there's something you wanna tell us regarding our ways, or wanna comment on a certain issue, just do it! Register at the forums and post to the public area what's bothering you. If you'd like to join us and actively take part in the development, you should send some info about yourself to Sebastian using gene[at] We're always open for new people, be it gaming experts, programmers, designers or lawyers.
We're curious to meet you!
Some final words: We're German and in order to not introduce an additional language barrier, we started this project using our native language. But this is not a Sauerkraut project. It can't be, because we wanna document the global history of video games. So, we're slowly trying to switch to the English language whereever possible.

We started by offering the contents of our shiny new website bilingual. Substantial information about our project crave for readers.