The next event of the "Retrobörse" ist coming up: on November, 10th there will be something like a really big flea market in Bochum, Germany - by nerds and for nerds - filled with retro stuff like old computers, consoles, games and merchandising.

There will be one single booth selling old gaming magazines exclusively - which is mine. As usual I will offer hundreds of issues from mags like Powerplay, ASM, Video Games, Maniac, PcXtreme, 64er and more.

Of course - that's the reason for writing here - you may interrogate me about our online game database Oregami: What do you think about our project? What ideas or wishes do you have? How could yo help us build the best online game database "ever"?
Things concerning my "other" website are permitted as well :-)

Come and enter a great retro world!