The recent demise of MobyGames was sad to see, but it flooded the Oregami forums with disappointed people looking for a new home. We tried our best to answer all the questions that were asked and address all the concerns that were raised. We realized that it's about time to advance the internationalization of Oregami.

The main positive response was that we're on the right track with what we're doing. There is a growing demand for a future-proof, sophisticated, and multilingual video game database, now more than ever. Here are some examples: Rola from Poland wrote:
Oregami? A beautiful concept...
And Ultyzarus from Canada stated:
I believe Oregami has very interesting features, and being set to be an Open-source website, it also allows for working hand-in-hand with other groups, such as fan wikis and the likes. I also think that it's good that so much thought is put into it, and the more I work on the wiki, the more I get to understand the data-model.
The main negative issue raised was the slow movement due to the lack of resources at Oregami, some examples:

Rola from Poland again:
...unfortunately I have full drawers of beautiful concepts that won't ever be realized, lacking the right people to work with and resources. Forgive me this bitter remark, I'm writing it with sad face. I wish you had more skilled people working on this project, especially coders and organizers.
Ultyzarus from Canada added:
What I definitely suggest is preparing for an alpha or beta version soon. We have a lot to go with, and seeing a concrete result (other than the wiki) could bring us some more people... If we want to make this project happen, we have to move forward.
Of course, their wishes are ours, too, but we need to work with what we have. So, please, go out and further spread the word. We first and foremost need additional programmers (Java, JavaScript/AngularJS + HTML) to code the database with us. This can become a great, revolutionary project and to be a part of it will be fulfilling and a lot of fun!

To support the broadening of our contributor base, we took the next steps in internationalizing Oregami. Our forum now has four English boards where we discuss everything, but legal things, in English. Our website's first language is now English, too. Inside our Wiki, and our issue tracker Jira, we didn't need to change anything since these places have been in English from the beginning.

So, please come and discuss with us. We now fully speak your language! :-)