One of the best-known nerd podcasts of Germany is the one produced by "The Three Vogons".
Some months ago I was asked to join the Three for a guest interview within their next podcast. Well, how did I respond? YES !
Now the new issue of their podcast is online!
In the best of habits of "The Three Vogons", the podcast lasts for no shorter than nearly 6 (!) hours. In the category "Deep Thought" (from app. 01:39:00 on) one can listen to my interview which lasts for just under an hour. Subjects: content and history of, but also the goals of our project, the all-new and soon-to-be non-profit online video game database.

The guys went deep into the issues and asked intelligent questions. I just hope that my answers made a similar impression, too. :-)

If you can listen to German, check it out! And then it would be best to help out with Oregami or Kultpower. Or both. :-)